[Samba] how do I get winbind going?

trogl at shaw.ca trogl at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 5 20:07:31 GMT 2003

I've been bashing my head against this same old problem and I've pretty much nailed it down to winbindd.

I'm trying to make a Solaris box run SAMBA 3.0.1.pre3 and exist as a member server without acting as a BDC ie. security=domain.  There is no Kerberos or LDAP available.  All user accounts are on NIS (not NIS+).

The install gives me a /etc/init.d/samba.server script that successfully starts smbd and nmbd.  But I can't get anything to authenticate.  HOW TO INSTALL AND TEST SAMBA informs me that the winbindd daemon has to be running.  Further investigation indicates that winbindd links to PAM.  /etc/pam.conf contains stuff, so I have to assume (probably not a good idea) that PAM is working.  However, there is no pam_winbind.so file and the documentation (http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/winbind.html) appears to say this is only required with linux.  So I don't understand how winbind is going to talk to PAM.

FInally, what are the side-effects of stopping nscd?  Does NIS require it?

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