[Samba] audit module

Bruno Lopes de Souza Benchimol brunobenchimol at bno.com.br
Fri Dec 5 17:55:30 GMT 2003

> Im getting problems with audit module, well i got it working but if see
> problems, it tells me everything i need, like who deleted, who created,
> renamed and stuff, awesome.
> But i missing WHO did all the stuff, i would like to see the netbios name,
> the ip host, the user who connected to my PDC and of course the time/date
> happened.
> Ok, syslog gives me the time, but theres another problem, i dont wanna
> module logging everything to syslog.. it screws me up with my firewall
> messages and all the other stuff, it would grow too big and messy on
> messages.
> Since i got a heavy load that would be close to impossible to analyze
> data... i would like it to log to a custom log file, like
> /var/log/samba/audit.log or either on each netbios name like it already
> log.netbios , but i would prefer the audit.log solution, so i could easily
> write up a bash or perl script that gathers summarized information.
> Is there anyway to do it or i need to rewrite some parts of the module??
> well is it possible?
> If i need some more explains, drop me a line please.
> Thanks in advance,

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