winbind users/group in smb.conf [was Re: [Samba] non-primary group permissions]

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Fri Dec 5 15:05:39 GMT 2003

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Mike Dawson wrote:
| I can get rid of the problem it seems by setting:
| winbind use default domain = no
| There's a bugzilla entry here:

Just to clarify, in Samba 3.0 we taking the position that
winbind users/groups in smb.conf must always be full
qualified.  So things like

	write list = +'Domain Admins'

will not work if what you really meant was

	write list = +'FOO\Domain Admins'

And the issue with secondary groups and 'winbind use default domain =
yes' is actually

which has been fixed.

cheers, jerry

|> -----Original Message-----

|> I have a problem that if I set a file or directory group owner, users
|> that are members of this group can still not access it unless this is
|> their primary group.
|> This is using samba 3.0rc3, all user and group info is coming from
|> winbind and permissions work as expected when using a linux shell but
|> not from a windows client.
|> The problem goes away if I use the 'force group' option on the share,
|> but this still means that ony one group can be of any use for that
|> share.  Is this expected behaviour or is something going wrong?

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