[Samba] client code page and valid chars

Christoph Litauer litauer at uni-koblenz.de
Fri Dec 5 12:58:45 GMT 2003

Gunther Schlegel schrieb:
>>What can I do to configure the correct code page without loosing the
>>visiblity of filenames with german umlauts?
> shutdown samba
> convert them
> start samba with fixed configuration.
> There is a neat little perl script mentioned in the Samba3 HowTo
> Collection named "convmv". It can rename all files in your tree to
> correct names under unix.

Thanks Gunther,

this would be the hard way I think ... I am afraid of this, because I 
don't know where our users got the old "corrupted" file names stored in. 
Maybe in CVS-Repositories, network drives with synchronisation, etc. So 
renaming the files without interaction of the files owner is not an 
option for us.

I read the manual page of convmv and discovered: "As a result of that 
the files which contain non-ASCII characters are screwed up if you 
``ls'' them on the Unix server. If you change the ``character set'' 
variable afterwards to iso8859-1, newly created files are okay, but the 
old files are still screwed up in the Windows encoding."

It would help me very much if I could see the old file names as "screwed 
up". But I cannot see the at all if I change the charset configuration.

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