[Samba] Initial user password

finjon at helawann.de finjon at helawann.de
Fri Dec 5 10:59:58 GMT 2003

Hi list.

I am new to the list, but not so new to samba. Though i have a question.
I am migrating to samba 3.0 and want to setup users using pdbedit (like Volker 
Lendecke showed at the Linux Kongress in Saarbrücken; very fine tutorial, thanks!).

Is there a way of setting an initial passwort like "test" and to force the user to change it 
after or while the first login?
Perhaps it is a stupid question, but the man-pages don't say anything about something 
like this. So do not answer like rtfm ;-)

Greeting from Cologne, 

Andre Klocke

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