[Samba] client code page and valid chars

Christoph Litauer litauer at uni-koblenz.de
Fri Dec 5 08:57:13 GMT 2003

I recently recognized that my samba server was misconfigured for some
years now. I never used the charset and "client code page" parameters in
my smb.conf to map windows encoded filenames with german umlauts to the
unix ones. For that reason I now have lots of filenames with windows
encoded german umlauts on my samba-share.
Now I want to change this fact (softly). When I insert
      client code page = 850
      character set    = iso8859-1
in smb.conf, files containing windows encoded german umlauts are not
visible any more. I would be nice if they are displayed in a
what-so-ever form, so people have a chance to rename the files.
I played around with the valid chars parameter, but had no success. I
increased the loglevel and found the following lines for a file I named
aä.txt (windows encoded so in fact the filename is a\204.txt, 204 beeing
an octal number):

[2003/12/03 16:33:27, 5] smbd/trans2.c:get_lanman2_dir_entry(573)
   get_lanman2_dir_entry:Couldn't stat [./a .txt] (No such file or

As you can see, because of the configured client code page, samba tries
to stat a file named ./a .txt instead of a\204.txt, which would be correct.

What can I do to configure the correct code page without loosing the
visiblity of filenames with german umlauts?

Any help is appreciated.

Christoph Litauer
Christoph Litauer                  litauer at uni-koblenz.de
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