[Samba] net ads join is apparently not working, no error, just doesn't join

Taylor Dondich tdondich at majiknetworks.com
Fri Dec 5 03:13:49 GMT 2003

Hi there, running samba 3.0 on FreeBSD (Port revision 1).  I'm running 
Heimel 6.0 for Kerberos Authentication (working properly, tested against 
the Win2000 KDC), and OpenLDAP (Configured to what appears to be working 
properly, not sure, ldapsearch does go through the entire Active 
Directory contents).

I'm going through the Samba HowTo to setting up our Samba 3 with 
Kerberos against a Windows 2000 KDC.  I am at the step of Creating the 
Computer Account:

#net ads join -U Administrator

It prompts for the Administrator password.  Once that was done, it goes 
straight back to prompt.  A secrets.tdb file IS created under 
/usr/local/private/samba but it doesn't prompt for a trust password or 
anything (which I was thinking it would do).  Of course, the computer 
doesn't show in Active Directry on the Win2k server.

Does anyone have any ideas or places I can reference to?

Thanks in advance!

Taylor Dondich

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