[Samba] Home Drive Mapping problems

Robert Rati Robert.Rati at motorola.com
Thu Dec 4 17:17:48 GMT 2003

Replacing "valid users" with "users" didn't change anything.  Unless I 
have the path variable enabled in the [homes] section, I get this error 
from windows when trying to browse any home drive:

"The network name can not be found"

Is there some kind of mapping I need to do that I'm not understanding? 
The only way I've gotten a home directory mapped is by enabling the path 
variable, but then ALL home drives the user looks at are that exact path.


Computer Science wrote:
> Replace "valid users"  for "users".  Simple fix once you know this is 
> the problem.
> Leo
> Robert Rati wrote:
>> I've got Samba 3.0 on a Debian stable system set up to authenticate 
>> using an LDAP server (also on the Debian system), and I'm having 
>> problems getting home drive mapping to work.  What I would like, is 
>> that if someone browses to the Samba server (on a win2k PC), they can 
>> see all the home drives of all the users on the server and also have 
>> read-only access to them.  The owner of a home drive would have it 
>> mapped to their win2k machine and have read-write access, obviously.  
>> Here's the entry I have in LDAP for the home drive:
>> sambaHomePath: \\<PDC>\homes
>> and here's my [homes] section in smb.conf:
>> [homes]
>> #   path =/home/%u
>>    comment = Home Directories
>> #   valid users = %S
>>    browseable = no
>>    writable = yes
>>    create mask = 0644
>>    directory mask = 0755
>> If I enable valid users, then no one can log into their home drives.  
>> In fact, I can't figure out what user IS valid to look at the home 
>> drive. I can sort of get things to work if I enable the path variable, 
>> but then I have an issue that every home drive the user looks at on 
>> the server is their home drive.  For example, if userA looks on the 
>> PDC, he sees drives for userA, userB, and userC.  If userA looks in 
>> any of the drives all he sees is the contents of userA's home drive.  
>> All of the examples I've looked at don't use the path variable in 
>> [homes], but if I don't then windows reports the share isn't 
>> accessable when browsing to it. What am I doing wrong?
>> Rob

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