[Samba] Weird Auth issue

Bowen, III, Clint cbowen at barton.edu
Thu Dec 4 17:35:31 GMT 2003

OK, running Samba 3.0.0 on RH9 in a W2K AD environment.  MIT Kerberos
1.2.7.  Joined the domain with no problem, wbinfo and getent respond

I can get Kerberos tickets from the W2K domain and browse domain
resources from the RH9 box, both with krb tickets and by supplying a
password, although using the -k option does not display the "network
neighborhood" browse list.  However, I have a problem attempting to
connect to a samba resource, both locally and across the network.  The
RH box shows up in "network neighborhood" in XP, but any attempt to
browse its resources gives "the account is not authorized to log in from
this station".  Attempting locally works with a password, but fails when
attempting to use kerberos.  Anyone been here before?

Clint Bowen
Assistant director of Information Technology
Barton College
Wilson, NC 27893

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