[Samba] SAMBA DC Compatability with Win200x DC

Mark Thomas mthomas at inter.net
Thu Dec 4 16:23:09 GMT 2003


I'm looking for a bit of a peer review on the following system concept.

The company I'm working with has an office in the USA, and one here in

They currently have a single domain in the States let's call it US running a
win2000 PDC. They've asked me to set up a second domain here in Japan let's
call it JAPAN. Since the office here is fairly small I'm planning of using
linux on all the back end servers/services which will include SAMBA 3.x.

I plan to enable LDAP for access control on the SAMBA server, which they
already are using in the States.

All things were set to go, and signed off when just before I stated building
the systems the head office called and said they didn't want a SAMBA PDC as
they where worried about compatibility with Win200x servers.

The caveat is that they want all users to be able to access both domains and
share all resources. Now I realize the are a few ways to do this, and I've
successfully built similar systems with SAMBA and NT4 DCs. However their
sticking point is Win2003, they are worried about present and future
compatibility problems (they also have a strong Windows group who don't
really want to see any more linux boxes come into the company).

Now for my question:

Does anyone know of any reason the about PDC scenario above will not work
between SAMBA 3 and Win2003.



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