[Samba] handling of locks (not oplocks)

Thierry ITTY thierry.itty at besancon.org
Thu Dec 4 15:45:31 GMT 2003


I have a 2.2.7a samba server on linux 2.4
some users complain about mutual locking on a share

user A and user B access share S on the server as disk S:
A and B both use the same app which creates workfiles/tempfiles on S
(actually the app drives ms-word throught ole to format and print reports)
A's workfile is named temp1fusionAAAA.doc and B's one is
temp1fusionBBBB.doc and they reside both in the same directory on S (say
S:\DIR\temp1fusionAAAA.doc and S:\DIR\temp1fusionBBBB.doc)

sometimes A and B do print reports at the very same time
A is working fine but B is getting a message saying his workfile
temp1fusionAAAA.doc is locked

the problem is that B's workfile is temp1fusionBBBB.doc and not
temp1fusionAAAA.doc !!!

so my question is : is it possible for whatever reason that samba grants
locks on file on a generic name ? this would explain why, when requesting a
lock on temp1fusionBBBB.doc, the server could answer that
temp1fusionAAAA.doc is locked, if it only considers the first 8 or 10
characters in the name, for example.

I had several network traces (tcpdump + ethereal) but i could not reproduce
the problem while tracing thought we tried many times. ethereal shows the
smb interpretation which says that locks are set on file ids and not file
names. I'll try a samba debug trace but as the server handles 1000+ users
it's a bit hot...


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