[Samba] users and groups in a samba domain

Andrew Gaffney agaffney at technaut.darktalker.net
Thu Dec 4 05:28:53 GMT 2003

Andrew Gaffney wrote:
> I'm currently running Samba 2.2.8a as a NT-style domain server. I have a 
> few different questions regarding this setup. First, how can I add samba 
> users to groups so that I can specify 'DOMAIN\Group' in the permissions 
> for a particular share on an XP machine attached to the domain? Also, 
> how can I set account types other than admin and not-admin for use when 
> logging in under Windows?

I have a much easier related question. I have 3 UNIX users (testa, testb, testc) which are 
all in the UNIX group 'test'. If I use 'smbpasswd -a' on each of the users to add them to 
samba, can i use 'DOMAIN\test' for permissions somewhere in the domain and have it refer 
to testa, testb, and testc? Does this not work? Is it more difficult that this?

Andrew Gaffney

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