[Samba] Auditing NOT through syslog?

himhim himhim at graduate.hku.hk
Thu Dec 4 01:54:02 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I'm using Debian 3.0 woody with kernel 2.4.22, and Samba 3.0.0
Currently I'm using the stacking VFS features of samba for recycle and audit, 
however my underlying file system is using utf-8 to encode the filenames.

Samba audit VFS have to log through syslog, but as far as i know, syslog 
message only accept 7 bit ascii messages, and my utf-8 filenames all appear as 
\220 \227 etc etc in the syslog, which isn't readable

So i'm now forced to use extd_audit, and the log generated in log.%m is 
readable, however, using extd_audit also generates log to syslog, which i 
don't need them at all (as they aren't readable)

So until syslog can log utf-8 messages, is it possible to disable the syslog 
logging in extd_audit module? It generates too much volume of data including 
all open/close actions, and i have no way to config what to be logged in 
syslog through log level.

Thanks in advance

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