[Samba] copy old profile - samba pdc - access denied

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Wed Dec 3 23:38:16 GMT 2003

I had a problem similar to this when I moved samba over from solaris to 
linux.  I was never able to fix the problem and had to disable roaming 
profiles on about 50 computers.

jonlists wrote:

>migrating a group of workstations to a Samba PDC-based domain. Machines 
>join to domain fine, but when I try to copy the existing local profiles to 
>the roaming profiles, I get a "Failed to set security on destination 
>profile" - Access is denied"
>I have added the domain user to the local machine as an administrator. 
>When attempting to do the copy, I am logged into the samba domain as root. 
>When I do the copy, I'm doing the following on Windows XP: 
>Control Panel/System - Advanced - User Profiles - 
>I select the old profile - which was local only (machine wasn't previously 
>in another domain). I select Copy To, then browse to select the local 
>documents and settings folder for the Samba domain user. 
>Under "permitted to use" - I select the Samba domain as the location. I 
>enter the user's name, then check name, and the user name is returned 
>without error in the form of DOMAIN/user. 
>However, when I attempt to do the copy, I get the error: "Failed to set 
>security on destination profile" - Access is denied"
>Jon Johnston
>Creative Business Solutions
>IBM, Lotus, Microsoft Consultants

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