[Samba] RH 9, Samba 2.2.8 and Mac OS X Clients

Philip Edelbrock phil at edgedesign.us
Wed Dec 3 21:58:11 GMT 2003

That could be true.  If you veto 'dot' files in smb.conf, then you would 
get strange permission errors from OS-X clients.  OS-X wants to put 
._filename files (AppleDouble versions of the resource forks) and 
.DS_Store files (containing some file metadata like Finder comments) on 
the server.

If you want to preserve resource forks to other Macs while using 
Netatalk on the same server, take a look at Baltra (a patch for 
Netatalk).  There is also some configuration and related info there for 


Also, I would suggest using Samba 3.x as the SMB service for OS-X.  It 
solves some problems with filenames (unicode) and a few other oddities 
(Apple has used the Samba 3.0 base since at least Samba 3.0-alpha21 as 
the SMB service under OS-X and seemed to have used it for 
development/debugging of the SMB client in Darwin).

Good luck!


William Enestvedt wrote:

>Is this related to handling of files with resource forks?
>   Manipulating files in Terminal, IIRC, ignores the resource fork -- but Finder actions (like dragging a folder to upload it) include those resources. 
>   You might try barking up this tree. :7) (Sorry I can't make any concrete suggestions.)
>Will Enestvedt
>UNIX System Administrator
>Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI

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