[Samba] Home Drive Mapping problems

Robert Rati Robert.Rati at motorola.com
Wed Dec 3 15:52:31 GMT 2003

I've got Samba 3.0 on a Debian stable system set up to authenticate 
using an LDAP server (also on the Debian system), and I'm having 
problems getting home drive mapping to work.  What I would like, is that 
if someone browses to the Samba server (on a win2k PC), they can see all 
the home drives of all the users on the server and also have read-only 
access to them.  The owner of a home drive would have it mapped to their 
win2k machine and have read-write access, obviously.  Here's the entry I 
have in LDAP for the home drive:

sambaHomePath: \\<PDC>\homes

and here's my [homes] section in smb.conf:

#   path =/home/%u
    comment = Home Directories
#   valid users = %S
    browseable = no
    writable = yes
    create mask = 0644
    directory mask = 0755

If I enable valid users, then no one can log into their home drives.  In 
fact, I can't figure out what user IS valid to look at the home drive. 
I can sort of get things to work if I enable the path variable, but then 
I have an issue that every home drive the user looks at on the server is 
their home drive.  For example, if userA looks on the PDC, he sees 
drives for userA, userB, and userC.  If userA looks in any of the drives 
all he sees is the contents of userA's home drive.  All of the examples 
I've looked at don't use the path variable in [homes], but if I don't 
then windows reports the share isn't accessable when browsing to it. 
What am I doing wrong?


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