[Samba] samba+cups+page_log

Mandar Deodhar mandar at netcore.co.in
Wed Dec 3 10:13:40 GMT 2003

I have set up a samba server which i also want to use as printserver
using cups.
I have configured a samsung printer using cups and am also sharing it
via samba by having the printer share in smb.conf file. 

Now the problem is that when i configure this printer on the windows
machine and then send job to this server machine the page_log file is
not being updated. Hence i m losing on the printer accounting which is
my main aim.
I have googled on this problem and found out the the windows is sending
a raw printout to this server machine and hence the page_log file is not
being updated. But i was unable to find any help as to how to prevent

Could somebody please guide me on this matter ??

I am using cups-1.1.19-1
samba-3.0.0 compiled with cups ( shows libcups.so when i do ldd `which
do have printing=cups in smb.conf
Printer Samsung ML-1210 with the driver installed locally on windows
machine. Driver provided by vendor samsung

PS: I have not subscribed to the samba mailing list. So please if any
body can help me , mark a cc to my mail id mandar at netcore.co.in 


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