[Samba] Re: failed to fetch domain database

tbey at tbey.com tbey at tbey.com
Wed Dec 3 01:37:48 GMT 2003

I am migrating to Red Hat ES 3.0.  I ran this same procedure in the dev
environment with about 90% of the same groups without a problem.  I have
some custom scripts that took care of letter casing and nameing lenghts. 
The only problem with creating each group by hand is that the reason we
are using Samba 3.0 is to retain SID information.  It would be a really
big deal if we have to change SID information.

DO you by any chance now what is the genral cause for this error, I was
unable to find anything about the error


> On Tue, 2 Dec 2003 tbey at tbey.com wrote:
>> Can anyone give me some direction.  I am migrating a production system
>> from NT4 PDC to SAMBA BDC.  I have run across the following error in
>> which
>> I did not encounter when mirating the dev environment.
>> Failed to fetch domain database: NT 0x0000004
>> Is seems as if the process stops short of completing.  It stops shy of
>> adding a handful of users and it does not add any users to the groups.
>> There are no other errors.
>> Does someone know if this is a corrupted NT Domain Database or even why
>> does this happen.
> What platform are you migrating to? Linux by any chance?
> If so, the account that was being migrated may have an account name that
> is illegal under Linux.
> Work around:
> 	1. Create a UNIX group or User account.
> 	2. Add the Account with the exact name as in Windows, then
> 		map the user/group to the NT account
> eg:
> 	NT Domain Group = "Domain Frog Population"
> 	Create UNIX group:
> 		groupadd domfrogpop
> 	Add NT Domain Group:
> 		net groupmap add ntgroup="Domain Frog Population" \
> 			unixgroup=domfrogpop type=d
> Do this for every group and user name that can not be created under UNIX
> using the NT name.
> Finally, repeat the migration.
> - John T.
> --
> John H Terpstra
> Email: jht at samba.org

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