[Samba] Good Admin tool ?

Uwe Laverenz laverenz at molkerei-ammerland.de
Tue Dec 2 10:52:47 GMT 2003

John H Terpstra schrieb:

> I am very interested in seeing answers to this question as I am currently
> writing the LDAP chapter of the "Samba-3 by Example" book and would like
> to recommend a good tool.

For LDAP I still use and recommend gq (http://biot.com/gq) on linux/unix 
systems. Another nice tool is JXplorer (http://www.jxplorer.org), which 
is written in Java and can be used on any operating system that has a 
Java runtime.

For creating and modifying users/groups I use a slightly cutomized 
version of the Idealx smbldap-tools, which were of great help especially 
at the beginning of our LDAP-era. :-)

For system administration, e.g. editing smb.conf, vim 
(http://www.vim.org) is all I need.


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