Fabio Junior fabiojr at maxwelleducacional.com.br
Mon Dec 1 20:20:35 GMT 2003


I followed step by step that this in the address above.

> http://www.hilinski.net/samba/

But when I execute, 'script smbldap-populate.pl', appears the following
errors.  What it can be this?
In annex it follows my archives of configuration. My system is 'RedHat 9.0'
with Samba-3.

Fabio Jr.

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Subject: [Samba] PDC/LDAP/SAMBA3/NT4/winbind/trusted domains corrections

> If you wanted to follow my steps for setting up a samba PDC in a trusted
> domain with NT4, please note that there are some corrections. I had a
> second person follow my steps and we found some problems.
> First, the link I originally posted as incomplete. It needs a slash at
> the end. The correct link is:
> http://www.hilinski.net/samba/
> The doc file posted there was corrected today, 11/26/2003 at 11:30 a.m.
> est.
> I have some questions while I am posting.
> #1. If you use winbind, is there any reason to put the add machine, add
> user, etc., scripts in smb.conf? It seems winbind doesn't bother with
> these.
> #2. Along the same lines, if you use winbind is there any reason to do
> the group mapping between nt groups and unix groups?
> #3. According to the docs, "winbind gid" is supposed to be a synonym for
> "idmap ." I don't think that works in the latest prerelease code.
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