AW: [Samba] Can't join my domain

Daniel A.Guimenez dmf at
Mon Dec 1 15:41:13 GMT 2003

I thing does you have a problem with the sync password between Samba server 
and your Windows Boxes, re-check that information, sync password and users.

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At 23/11/2003, Fran Fabrizio wrote:

>>I have had the same Problem with Samba 2.2.8 but I solved it. I created
>>an user "root" on my W2k Client with Administrator Privileges and the
>>same password as on my Samba Server.
>>In Samba 2.2.8 you only can join the Samba PDC as "root".
>>Perhaps this could also work on Samba3.
>Not a bad idea, but it didn't work in my case. :-(
>My XP box has two administrator accounts now, 'root' and 'fran'.  My linux 
>Samba server also has those two accounts, root of course, and fran as my 
>regular user account.  I've added root to smbpasswd with a password 
>specifically for samba.  I've also added fran to smbpasswd.
>The odd thing is that if I try to join the domain as root, I get "user not 
>found", if I try to join the domain as fran, I get "Access Denied".  You'd 
>think it would be the same since they're both in smbpasswd.
>I was watching log.nmbd, log.smbd, and /var/log/messages while attempting 
>to join the domain, and I see a bunch of process_logon_packet messages 
>from the XP client's IP, but no error messages.  Just some hex values like 
>0x12 and 0x07 associated with the process_logon messages, do they mean 
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