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Mon Dec 1 12:27:21 GMT 2003

but it is the reason that I don't use swat, and I have read comments from
several other people suggesting the same thing - don't use swat if you have a
carefully organised conf file.
In your opinion, is swat mainly a tool for optimising the conf file?
What I would like it to be is a tool for organising/managing conf parameters,
for easily viewing what value each parameter is set to (even if it's default
value), viewing which ones are specifically set in the conf file and which are
just default,
and for viewing individual shares and what parameters are set for each share.

I would like to be able to set and change parameters, and when I'm done, for
SWAT to write changes back into the existing file without changing the way that
I've got my conf nicely set out.  (including comments and several "include"

Is this possible?  Is it likely to happen?  Do I ask too much?  :-)
I think perhaps other people would like it not to mess with their pretty
smb.conf also.

Well, I told you I haven't used SWAT, so feel free to ignore my input.

Thanks for all your work.


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