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Mon Dec 1 12:27:21 GMT 2003

elsewhere in the file, which I doubt) the problem probably lies with
printcap.  Your smb.conf looks OKay (except for the 'path' mentioned

>This is Printcap:
>This Works.
># HP DeskJet 1220c printer:
>This doesn't work.
># HP OfficeJet K80:

This all looks good too.  The 'rw' is irrelevant for a remote printer,
as is the 'sh' (annoyingly).

The device names are right, although I'd have to recommend 'auto1',
'auto2' and 'auto3' instead as they can intelligently handle text and
non-text files.  (The auto detect of file type can be fooled, but it's
happened only once in my experience, and that was a baddly written piece
of in-house code)

What do you get when you do an 'lpq -PHPK80' from an ordinary unix

Oh, and what OS are you running? And what version of Samba?

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