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Mon Dec 1 12:27:21 GMT 2003

there is something wrong with (since that person indicates being able to
"add the domain user "aps" to the file's ACL from a WinXP box" - I can't
add or remove anything).  And here is my question - after a long
explanation - what's wrong with my config that makes Samba not honor the
ACLs?  Or, have I gone wrong somewhere else?

I include here my smb.conf:

# [start smb.conf]
     encrypt passwords =3D yes
     security =3D user

     netbios name =3D smbserver
     comment =3D Red Hat Samba Server
     workgroup =3D smbgroup

     ldap admin dn =3D "cn=3DManager,dc=3Da,dc=3Db"
     ldap suffix =3D "dc=3Da,dc=3Db"
     ldap ssl =3D off
     logon drive =3D U:
     logon path =3D \\%N\profiles\%g

     domain master =3D yes
     domain logons =3D yes
     preferred master =3D yes
     os level =3D 255

     wins support =3D yes

     public =3D yes
     browsable =3D yes
     writeable =3D no
     map hidden =3D no
     map archive =3D no
     map system =3D no

     path =3D /share/sys/samba/samba-2.2.5/netlogon
     locking =3D no
     read only =3D yes

     path =3D /share/sys/samba/samba-2.2.5/profiles
     read only =3D no
     writeable =3D yes
     create mask =3D 0600
     directory mask =3D 0700

     guest ok =3D no
     read only =3D no

     comment =3D temporary files=20
     path =3D /tmp
     read only =3D no
     admin users =3D administrator
# [end smb.conf]

As an apropos, would it be useful - when I get this up and running - if
I wrote an Howto or something similar on how to set up a Linux Samba box
with OpenLDAP and ACLs?  Unless, of course, I have missed some
documentation out there explaining exactly this.

Thanks in advance,

Erik Enge,
Software Engineer,
Professional Reviews Inc.

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