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Specifying Browser Computers
When you start a computer running Windows 2000, the browser service looks in
the registry for the entry MaintainServerList to determine whether a
computer will become a browser. MaintainServerList is found in the following
registry subkey: 
Table I.1 shows the values to which MaintainServerList can be set and the
meaning for the computer's participation in browser services.

Table I.1    Allowable Values for the MaintainServerList Registry Entry
Value	Meaning

No	This value prevents the computer from participating as a browser.

Yes	This value makes the computer a browser. Upon startup, the computer
attempts to contact the master browser to get a current browse list. If the
master browser cannot be found, the computer will force a browser election.
The computer will either be elected master browser or become a backup
browser.  This value is the default on a computer running Windows 2000
Server and Windows NT Server.

Auto	This value makes the computer a potential browser. It might become a
browser, depending on the number of currently active browsers. The master
browser notifies this computer whether or not it is to become a backup
browser.  This value is the default for computers running Windows 2000
Professional and Windows NT Workstation.

On any computer with the value of MaintainServerList set to Yes or Auto, the
browser service starts when the computer is booted.

Caution   Do not use a registry editor to edit the registry directly unless
you have no alternative. The registry editors bypass the standard safeguards
provided by administrative tools. These safeguards prevent you from entering
conflicting settings or settings that are likely to degrade performance or
damage your system. Editing the registry directly can have serious,
unexpected consequences that can prevent the system from starting and
require that you reinstall Windows 2000. To configure or customize Windows
2000, use the programs in Microsoft Management Console (MMC) or Control
Panel whenever possible.

Another entry in the registry, IsDomainMaster, helps determine which servers
become master browsers and backup browsers. Setting the value of the
IsDomainMaster entry to True makes the computer a preferred master browser.
Any computer running Windows 2000 or Windows NT can be configured as a
preferred master browser.

When the browser service is started on the preferred master browser, the
browser service forces an election. Preferred master browsers are given
priority in elections, which means the preferred master browser always wins
the election if no other condition prevents it. This gives an administrator
the ability to configure a specific computer as the master browser.
To specify a computer as the preferred master browser, set the value of the
IsDomainMaster entry to True. This entry (data type Reg_SZ) appears in the
following registry subkey:

Unless the computer is configured as the preferred master browser, the value
of the IsDomainMaster entry is always set to False or No. There is no user
interface for making these changes; the registry must be modified using a
registry editor (Regedt32.exe or Regedit.exe).


Maybe:  set the IsDomainMaster value to false on the win2k machines?
Is it set to True in a local policy?

Why aren't your win2k boxes seeing the samba server as the LMB?
If they did, they wouldn't be forcing elections...


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> If you find a solution to this please let me know because I 
> have about 150
> win2k machines that are causing the same issue not hurting us 
> yet because it
> is only testing.
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> I've been running samba servers with 200+ W98 machines for
> some time.  I'm changing to W2k and everything was going fine.
> I've upgraded 40 boxes.  One W2k box has started announcing itself 
> as a local master browser for one of the workgroups.  A samba
> server thinks it is master, forcing election.  Samba will stop
> being the LMB for about 3 minutes and then will re-establish
> itself as LMB.  In a couple of minutes the same W2k box will
> force another election.  This is occuring every 4 to 5 minutes,
> none stop.  In the smb.conf file, os level = 64.  I have
> tried higher levels.  Changing this parameter doesn't seem to
> have an effect.  Any suggestions for a cure?  What may have 
> caused this W2k machine to decide it is the LMB?
> thanks,
> Duke
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