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Mon Dec 1 12:27:21 GMT 2003

do nmblookup -A for example and if I am working in a win98
client, I could connect with another computer from the other lans such
as this computer was on my lan.

In lan1 server is server1, in lan2 server is server2 and server3 in lan3

My problem is that I would like the w98 clients could see the 3 lans at
the same time on the windows explorer. Now I can see the three servers
on the explorer but when i try to connect to other server, windows says
me that it couldn't find the name of the server, however, since dos
promp i can do --> net view \\server  and it's ok

Is a problem If netbios-name from the 3 servers are the same name?

Somebody can help me???

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