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Mon Dec 1 12:27:21 GMT 2003

inherit permissions (S)
The permissions on new files and directories are normally governed by create
mask, directory mask, force create mode and force directory mode but the
boolean inherit permissions parameter overrides this.

New directories inherit the mode of the parent directory, including bits
such as setgid.

New files inherit their read/write bits from the parent directory. Their
execute bits continue to be determined by map archive , map hidden and map
system as usual.

Note that the setuid bit is never set via inheritance (the code explicitly
prohibits this).

This can be particularly useful on large systems with many users, perhaps
several thousand, to allow a single [homes] share to be used flexibly by
each user.

See also create mask , directory mask, force create mode and force directory
mode .

Default: inherit permissions = no



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Subject: RE: [Samba] Controlling share create permissions

I have looked around on google for information on inherit permissions and
come up mostly dry.  I can't find it in 'man smb.conf' either.  Am I looking
in the wrong places?  I would assume that if you set inherit permissions =
yes then files created in the share would inherit the permissions of the
parent directory, which is what I was looking for.  Thanks again for the


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>Ryan J Betz wrote:
>Is it possible to set default create permissions on certain directories
>within a share?  ie. Create files in the share [something] /folder1/ as 744
>but in /folder1/subfolder/ as 777.  I thought of creating two shares and
>having the users manually go into the other share to save thier files, but
>confusion ensued.  Thanks for any help!
>>Look at inherit permissions.

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