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Mon Dec 1 11:34:25 GMT 2003

or not, using first dns and then WINS to lookup the name. I can get "ping"
working, but everything else seems not to use the WINS lookup for
addresses, which makes it less than useful.

I followed the instructions in: "/etc/nsswitch.conf" in
, retrieved the samba source (-r SAMBA_2_2_RELEASE), "./configure ; make
nsswitch/ ; cp nsswitch/ /lib"

Now, i can ping the windows hosts. But only ping, it seems... nslookup,
telnet, ssh, rsh etc. all fail. nmblookup works too.
> telnet somehost
telnet: somehost: Name or service not known
> rsh somehost
rcmd: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known

The documentation promises only: "At this point it will be possible to ping
any MS Windows machine by it's NetBIOS machine name", no mention of other
uses. I would really like all programs to be able to see "somehost".

Is this possible? How? If not with Samba, are there any other ways?

I had some problems with the installation, and I don't know whether this is
to blame. I'm running on SuSE linux 7.3 and my smb.conf was in
/etc/samba/smb.conf, and my codepages/ were in /usr/share/samba/codepages.
Since libdir defaults to EPRFIX/lib, it looks like something very funky has
gone on with the switches to ./configure when my installed samba originally
was ./configure-d. I reran configure with --libdir and put a softlink in
/etc/samba to get it going. Would a complete uninstall of samba, and then a
"make install" do the trick? (I'd rather not mess up the SuSE configuration
unless I have to...). My currently installed version seems to be 2.2.1a

Thank you for your time.


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