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Mon Dec 1 11:34:25 GMT 2003


However, when I mount the share via smbfs (on a Linux box, of course), the
same file is 2.0T as reported by du (ie: du -csh), 18446744072754680087
bytes as reported by ls, but is only 3340095767 bytes as reported by stat.

Further comparison of stat results of the same file via smbfs and directly
are intriguing.

directly (ie: on the server):

Size: 3340095767	Blocks: 6523640		IO Block: 4096	Regular File
Device: 80ah/2058d	Inode: 197708955	Links: 1

via smbfs:

Size: 3340095767	Blocks: 4293102313	IO Block: 4096	Regular File
Device: 8h/8d		Inode: 1775		Links: 1

I will find time when the system is not too loaded to compare the two
files (cmp and diff bail out because of the filesizes), probably using
md5sum. I can't do this right now because it's hogging the system and
taking forever.

The smaller files seem to be okay. I tested an arbitrary file using md5sum
and the "view" of smbfs and the fielsystem are the same.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! :)

 --> Jijo

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