Grunbacher ACLs Linux Samba 2.2

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Mon Dec 1 11:34:25 GMT 2003

Samba friends,
I need someone to explain to me what should work when I use Samba 2.2 as
a fileserver, which is a member of a Samba TNG domain, with's
ACL implementation.
I set this up to gain 2 things.
1) The ability to apply fine grained access control to files and dirs
2) The ability to be able to modify, add, or remove those permissions
from an nt client or server that is a member of my domain and has the proper

I have number 1 working just fine, at least as far as I can tell.
I apply the proper permissions and rights using getfacl and setfacl at the
command line.
What I am unclear on, is whether or not it will work to do this from an
NT client? I have heard people speak of the ability to modify unix file and
dir permissions from an nt client using samba 2.0.7, so I would think, now
that ACL's, and Grunbacher's ACLs are implemented in sama 2.2, that I should
be able to change and modify these as well? Does this work for anyone?
Should it work? I have supplied configure with the proper options,
and I can see something when I access the security properties from the
NT client, but what I am seeing is merely the regular unix permissions, and
none of the added ACL stuff. Any help on this would be great. My MIS people
aren't Linux savvy yet, and for them to be able to change rights as they would
with an NT server would help tremendously.

Alex West
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