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Mon Dec 1 11:34:25 GMT 2003

kernel oplocks (G)
       For UNIXs that support kernel based oplocks (currently only IRIX
       but hopefully also Linux and FreeBSD soon) this parameter allows
       the use of them to be turned on or off.
       Kernel oplocks support allows Samba oplocks to be broken whenever
       a local UNIX process or NFS operation accesses a file that smbd
       has oplocked. This allows complete data consistency between
       SMB/CIFS, NFS and local file access (and is a very cool feature     

oplocks (S)
       This boolean option tells smbd whether to issue oplocks
       (opportunistic locks) to file open requests on this share. The
       oplock code can dramatically (approx. 30% or more) improve the
       speed of access to files on Samba servers. It allows the clients
       to aggressively cache files locally and you may want to disable
       this option for unreliable network environments (it is turned on
       by default in Windows NT Servers). For more information see the
       file Speed.txt in the Samba docs/ directory.
       Oplocks may be selectively turned off on certain files on a per
       share basis. See the 'veto oplock files' parameter. On some
       systems oplocks are recognized by the underlying operating system.
       This allows data synchronization between all access to oplocked
       files, whether it be via Samba or NFS or a local UNIX process. See
       the kernel oplocks parameter for details.
       Default: oplocks = True
       Example: oplocks = False      

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Lance Lovette wrote:
> Our development team has been having the following issue for quite some time
> and I cannot isolate the problem. I saw a similar posting in the archives
> but there are no replies.
> We are running Samba 2.0.7 on a RedHat 6.2 server and we connect to the
> server from Windows 2000 desktops. We are editing files through a drive
> mapped to a share on the server. The problem is when we save the file in the
> editor, the changes are not immediately written to disk. It can take
> anywhere from 10 to 45 seconds for the changes to appear on the server. I
> can test this by saving a file from Windows and using VI on the server. The
> problem is exhibited most prominently by Allaire Homesite 4.5 but it also
> occurs less frequently in other editors we have experimented with. Any
> ideas?
> Thanks!
> Lance
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