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Mon Dec 1 11:08:19 GMT 2003

two days. We tried other software (NFS) and spent much more time.
Looks good, but some questions left, because there are no much experience
with samba in this field.

1. Will samba still work as Backup Domain Controller with PDC on Windows
2000 Server?
2. What about Windows 2000 clients, still possible to share a disk with
3. We have many Windows users but only some Unix users in our network. 
    So we have the problem to share a Unix disk with users, that have
normaly no account on the Unix server.
    Is it possible to give them access as guest? User mapping needed for
4. Yes, samba is a software to share Unix resources with Windows.
    Is the other direction also possible, so we can mount a Windows disk
under Unix like a NFS resource?

Best regards

Christian Ehrke

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