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Mon Dec 1 11:08:19 GMT 2003

However when I click on the server (In network neighborhood) I get a request
for a password.  I also get this line:

Resource    \\FADAC\IPC$
Password:    _____________

Looking in the log file, it shows that my uid on the wintell box is correct,
but when I enter my password (I also have a uid on FADAC (the host) with the
same name.)  It is kicked out.

The host is running FreeBSD.  The verson of Samba is 2.0.2, as delivered on
the FreeBSD CDrom.

I'm thinking I have something messed up in the config someplace.  Or a
permisions problem.

Oh, I have a dir /share/pc that I would like to put on the netboui net. 
This is for common use.  I'd like everyone on the net to see this dir and be
able to use files there.  How do I set this up?

Thanks in advance,

Ralph Howard
Hamster Productions
(650) 594-1088

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