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Mon Dec 1 11:08:19 GMT 2003

  "ls /smb" will show all the machines in your workgroup
  "ls /smb/<machine-name>" will show the share names for that machine

  You must use a shell that is dynamically linked (or any dynamically
  linked command) in order for smbsh to work correctly.

smbclient: Much like an ftp client for SMB shares.

NFS: The "genuine" way to mount something from another unix box. 
Expect all sorts of locking problems when sharing a directory with 
Samba and NFS in parallel.

>Can Samba recognise both encrypted and plain passwords ?

No. But you don't need that. You only need encrypted passwords.

>If I put  encrypted passwords = yes in my smb.conf does that prevent 
>the '95 and NT boxes logging in.

No. Although there are a lot of false rumours, in fact there is no 
known client having problems with encrypted passwords. Even DOS 
clients can access a Samba server running with encrypted passwords.

All those false alerts are coming from people trying to run clients 
above W95 with some updates, Win98 or NT above or equal SP3. These 
clients won't connect to a Samba server running with _un_encrypted 
passwords without some ass-kicking (registry hacks).

>Eventually I want the samba box to control a domain.  Can it do this.  

Not perfectly yet (with stable releases). You can have a logon server 
for your workgroup (a domain is not much more than a workgroup with a 
logon server), server based logon scripts (a bit messy with W9x) and 
you can have roaming profiles. You can't have that for W2K yet (well, 
you might give 2.2.0alpha0 a try, but would you really wan't this 
after you outed yourself as a newbee?).

>What does smb.conf need ?

Come on! Have a look into DOMAIN.txt and 'man smb.conf', then ask 
understanding questions ...


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