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Mon Dec 1 11:08:19 GMT 2003

in a share folder served by Samba,  error message telling  "the 
drive where this folder is located doesn't support long filename
and special characters.....*1 "appears.

In spite of the above message, the client can see long filenames
created by local unix user. Copying files with long name is also
unavailable (but I found some file synchronization tools can copy
those files without being rejected , why it works ?)

The target Samba is
    version : 2.0.3 (binary copy)
    OS: NetBSD 1.4
    machine: Macintosh SE/30 (M68030 16MHz)
and the parameters probably relating to this problem are
   preserve case = Yes
   short preserve case = Yes
   mangled names = No
   case sensitive = No
 In addition to the above,  I shuould notice you that Samba 2.0.4b  
on intel-redhat5.1 with the same smb.conf doesn't have the trouble.
Does this mean that difference of version or plathome is critical to
operate Samba ?

Akira Doi

*1 : translation of local langage, not exact

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