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Mon Dec 1 11:08:19 GMT 2003

authenticate User1 and User2, Samba (with /smbpasswd) only
In the machine both PcNfs and Samba daemons are alive.
User1 can see the filesystems both from Samba and from NFS ... ok.
User2 can't do from Samba path ... ok.
User2 CAN'T do it using NFS ... WHY ???
    The reason is ...
Using a Sniffer program, I see that when user tries to see the 
filesystem using NFS path, Samba (with daemons alive) go into the
process and stop User2 attempt!!
If I stop Samba daemons, the process is entirely done by NFS and
all is ok.

Why Samba go into a process where only NFS must works ??

Thanks to all and excuse me for my English.

Danilo (Rome)

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