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Mon Dec 1 11:08:19 GMT 2003

people can but I can not. Even after a month I still can't copy the
file. I've restarted my PC countless times, I've restarted Samba
several times, I've restarted Linux a couple times. Still I can't copy
that file. 

I didn't care too much about it until this morning another guy in the
office had a similar problem. He has a ~200K power point file that he
can not copy to the server. I can copy the file from my PC, but every
time he tries Windows Explorer locks up. I can even log on to Samba as
him and copy the file from my machine. 

I noticed (using SWAT) that the file I was copying stays open, the
"active connection" process is still open, and a new "active
connection" process is started for my machine.

I've tried "oplocks=yes/no" that didn't help.

Has anybody been through a similar situation.



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