Package'IT/400 : InstallShield for AS/400

El Ayachi MELLOUK ayache at
Mon Dec 1 11:08:19 GMT 2003

Package'It/400 is the EASII PRODUCTION’s last-born product. It has been designed to 
create easier and quicker than ever professional AS/400 installations while providing the 
functions you most need.
You will be able to create AS/400 setup directly accessible from the internet. Needless to 
manipulate tapes or cartridges.

Designed for the windows 9x/NT/2000 platform , It allows you to store AS/400 objects 
(libraries, programs, files etc) into a PC-files. 
This files can be made available to your customers or prospects by downloading them from a 
AS/400 software vendors can quickly provide their customers and prospects without any 
cost of AS/400-demo’s, patches and release; 
Organizations with multiple AS/400 which are geografically parted can easily distribute 
software and data. 

Package'it400  1.2 is now available. 
The new release includes zip commands on as400. 
It allows you to compress directly your savf or other objects on your as400 , before 
downloading them to PC.

The steps to create a project with PACKAGE'IT400 are the following :

Start PAcKAGE'IT400 program , You will have a Setup Checklist screen with the following 

	I- Initilization parameters :
		Required commands definition : displays all the initialization orders shared 
by all setup you will build. These are obligatory orders to allow your setup taking place 

	II- Work with Save File :
		Download a SAVF from AS/400 : to create and download a SAVE File 
from the AS/400 to the PC , With or without zip command options.
		Update a PC Save Files : to update a SAVF already downloaded with 

	III- Work with AS400 Commands:
		Restore Commands : to define all the restore commands to include in 
your setup.
		Other commands : to execute any AS/400 commands.

	IV- Groups an Components :
		Define links between components : to define how the different 
components will be installed on the target AS/400.
		exemple: if you have sevral AS/400 with different os versions you can 
define a setup with a group for each version.

	V- Visual Design

		Dialog boxes : to define your precise look program.

	VI- Execute Setup Generator :

		Disk builder : When you are satisfied with your installation, you can 
generate your setup program. 
		Test installation : to test the setup you have created with Disk Builder.

When the build is finished 2 files are generated :

	- launcher.exe 
	- setuplib.zlb

The setup is now ready to be distributed.

Exemple using a 600 Mo library:

	- The original library size	600 000 Kb
	- The savf file size 		122 178 Kb
	- The compressed savf size	 14 309 Kb 

  	After executing Disk builder you obtain :
	- Launcher.exe 			    345 Kb
	- Setuplib.zlb			 14 965 Kb	

The Zip command time takes about 15 Mn.
The Unzip command time takes less then 4 Mn. 

You can now download a time-limited fully functional version of the
product from our web site at

Easii-Production is looking for resellers.

Tel: (33) 476.288108
Fax: (33) 476.503420
mailto:ayache at

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