[Samba] Samba3: Saving an Esri ArcMap project file

Schuller Tom tom.schuller at pch.etat.lu
Mon Dec 1 09:42:06 GMT 2003

we have a file server with the new Samba3. It runs under Redhat Linux.

I have problems saving an ArcMap project file.

Here the scenario:
 I will save my map on the Samba3 fileserver.
 He starts writing to the server but breaks after 2kBytes written.
 The user/group and the rights are correctly. But he always breaks after

 Now when I save again and overwrite the created (2kB) file, everyhings
works fine.

Why does the first save not directly work?
No error or warning in the Samba log files.
I have tested it with several Samba3 releases.

Has anybody the same problem, or better a solution?
The same problem does appear sometimes using Word and Excel.

Thanks in advance,
  Schuller Tom

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