[Samba] MMS Notification

Administrator smtp2 at us.benfieldgroup.com
Fri Aug 29 20:16:49 GMT 2003

The message that you sent with a subject of "Re: Wicked screensaver"
from <samba at samba.org> to <Lisa.Janzen at benfieldgroup.com> has been
quarantined at the Benfield Internet gateway.  All messages that travel
between the Internet and the system are routinely scanned for viruses
and for file types that are prone to viruses.  Your message contained
one or more file attachments.  At least one attachment is a type that
could be detrimental to the e-mail system and is automatically blocked
at the firewall.

If it is important that your message reach its destination, you are
welcome to reply to this to let us know about it.  If you could tell us
the nature of the attachment, that would be helpful.  Please do not
request transmission if it is not business related.  If we can, we will
send it on its way.

Thank you.

Benfield E-Mail Team

Your message with a subject of "Re: Wicked screensaver" sent from
<samba at samba.org> to <Lisa.Janzen at benfieldgroup.com> was infected with
the virus listed below.  Please clean the file and resend your message.
Virus Scanner found the 
 W32/Sobig.f at MM virus
   in the attached file: details.pif

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