[Samba] logging pages printed under samba

Claudiu Ciulei cciulei at paneuro.ro
Fri Aug 29 10:39:44 GMT 2003


I'm using an Red Hat 9.0 server with Samba to share few printers in our
windows network who must be stricted controlled.
All works fine but the CUPS printig daemon doesn't counter the pages who are
printed from samba.
All print job is logged from the user who sent it, the name of job is
displayed with an smb prefix but the number of printed pages remain all the
time at 1.
The printer tested is an Kyocera FS 1800 with network card and the printing
is done via TCP/IP.

Can you give me some answer or an advice ?

Thank you,

Claudiu CIULEI
network engineer
e-mail: cciulei at paneuro.ro

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