Fw: [Samba] Forcing password changes using SAMBA as PDC

Enrico Payne enricop at pharma.co.za
Fri Aug 29 10:34:35 GMT 2003

Hi, I did as suggested, and still have the same problem.

I am still able to login to samba with another users password that does not
require password changes. This seems to me that the problem is related to
PAM password changing. I have tried change the various PAM options in the
smb.conf file, but cannot get it to work. Depending on the options, it
either asks for a password or not. When it asks for the password, I get the
cannot find the domain error on the client and the PAM ERROR 12 on the

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On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 18:08, Enrico Payne wrote:
> Hello
> > The issue of why PAM is now rejecting the account is up to PAM - can you
> > log in with SSH on this account now?  (With and without an SSH key).
> I can ssh to the machine from the windows client using the account.

Then make sure your PAM configuration for SSH is the same as for Samba.

> > You should use 'pam password change' when using PAM based systems, it is
> > much more reliable than the 'talk to /bin/passwd' method, and will give
> > you better error reports.
> Where do I make this change and how/what do I change? My knowlege of PAM is
> less than zero.

This is an smb.conf option - but if you are not confident with PAM, then
I suggest you avoid the issue of PAM restrictions and password sync.

Andrew Bartlett

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