[Samba] Print Options & CUPS - Can't stop watermarking?

johnh at primebuchholz.com johnh at primebuchholz.com
Thu Aug 28 19:03:31 GMT 2003


I have just set up samba printing with CUPS as the back end. (Samba 
2.2.8a, CUPS 1.1.9)

Everything works great, including automatic driver download/Point -n- 

The problem is that whenever I print through Samba from a Windows 2000 
Workstation, a watermark gets added to the print job.

The default driver options are set on the server, so that watermarking is 
"off", and new clients that connect get these options.

In CUPS admin, the same options appear.  Printing a test page from CUPS 
admin has no watermark.  Printing directly to the printers (HP LaserJets 
4000 and 8000) via LPR has no watermark.  Printing through the samba 
spool, either with the automatically downloaded drivers I put on the 
print$ share -OR- with locally loaded drivers always results in the 
watermark getting added, even though it's turned of in all concievable 

Any thoughts?


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