[Samba] ACLs through Apache on SuSe 8.2 ?

Kopmann, Goetz Goetz.Kopmann at airbus.com
Thu Aug 28 17:13:14 GMT 2003


we are running a samba 2.2.8a server with ACL-Support on a SuSe 8.2. There
are some file access restrictions made for users/groups. 

On the same machine we are implementing an Apache web server for our
intranet. The samba shares are linked by a symbolic link into the directory
structure underneath of  'htdocs'.  If the web content points to a file on
the share we get a 'permission denied' message from Apache. Maybe it's
because Apache runs as 'wwwrun' which is no Samba user.

Does anyone know how it's possible to access files on a samba share through
an Apache-server regarding the ACL ?


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