[Samba] Printing problems Win2K SP4 on 3.0.x and 2.x

Van Sickler, Jim vansickj-eodc at kaman.com
Thu Aug 28 16:30:09 GMT 2003


  If you were using a Samba version prior to 2.2.7
(I think), then you need to put the following in
your [Global] section:

disable spoolss = yes

and add the following to the [Printers] section
and/or each printer entry:

use client driver = yes

This will support the printers as previously set up,
and give you some time to investigate the new

If you want to use the spoolss support incorporated
since 2.2.7, you'll have to read up on the Samba
How-To Collection changes.  The changes aren't trivial.

You'll probably have to:

1.  Remove all Samba-served printers from the clients.
2.  Re-enable the spoolss (disable spoolss = no)
3.  Set up/install print drivers for the printers
    that will allow you to (not all will, and you'll
    have to keep the "use client driver = yes"
    for those.  AdobePS and Lexmark are two that I've
    had to do that with.  HPs work ok, FWIR.
4.  Install the printers on the clients again.

If anyone has more correct info, please respond;
I'd rather Paul be given the right info than
have to unlearn/undo bogus advice.


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> Subject: [Samba] Printing problems Win2K SP4 on 3.0.x and 2.x
> I'm afraid I am stumped, and need some help or pointers.
> Ever since I've "upgraded" my Win2k boxes to SP4, I've been 
> unable to print
> to Samba-shared printers (on Solaris and Freebsd).  Originally I was 
> running
> the current 2.2.x, and figured trying to diagnose the problem 
> would provide
> an impetus for trying 3.0, which I have from beta3 through 
> RC1.  That bit 
> of
> history is to indicate that sharing *did* work prior to SP4.
> >From the Win2k perspective, it cannot open the printer.  I 
> can remove and 
> install
> it, and the wizard completes successfully, but the printer 
> status window 
> shows in
> the title bar "xxx on xxx failed to open, retrying...".  
> Sometimes it times 
> out and
> then the general Printers window will show in the Status field that 
> "printer no longer
> exists on server" or "opening", but never "ready".  I can open the 
> properties window,
> and see the appropriate properties (can't change anything), 
> but if I try to 
> print
> a test page explorer.exe dies.
> >From the Samba server perspective, it looks fine.  I can use 
> smbclient to 
> connect to
> the printer, and spool a file to it.  As mentioned above, the 
> Win2k drivers 
> were
> successfully added and registered (since Win2k picks them 
> up).  There are 
> errors in
> the smbd logs that appear any time a Win2KSP4 box attempts to 
> open the 
> printer:
> [2003/08/26 16:00:48, 0] smbd/ipc.c:reply_trans(569)
>   reply_trans: invalid trans parameters
> [2003/08/26 16:00:48, 3] smbd/error.c:error_packet(113)
>   error packet at smbd/ipc.c(574) cmd=37 (SMBtrans) 
> (I've not copied the higher loglevel data yet to save space).
> If someone can help, I'd appreciate it.  I have much more 
> detailed error 
> logs from
> the server, and if needed can post exerpts from my smb.conf file.
> -Paul
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