[Samba] Windows 2000 Pro and Windows NT Protected Storage

Joe joeg at sweye.com
Thu Aug 28 15:43:56 GMT 2003

First Post so bare with me.
We are running Samba as a domain server with roaming profiles.
Recently we have started adding windows 2000 Pro machines into
The mix of things. Now it seems that the users who use both the
2000 pc and then the NT4 pc start to receive a "Protected Storage"
error. From what I have found this is a windows problem that
is caused due to the roaming profile from a window nt to a windows
2000 pc. According to Microsoft this can be resolved by simply
turning off the Auto Complete ,in Internet Explorer, for forms. I have
done this fix and the problem remains. 
>From the users standpoint: After login upon running Outlook Express 
A "Protected Storage" box opens asking for the Windows Password.
The dialog will not accept any password given. If the user hits Cancel 
10-100 times the box will go away and all email is then received.
Express is also not retaining the users password. Any help on this 
Matter would be very helpful.

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