[Samba] netlogon script = %U.bat ; %G.bat ; %m.bat in samba3 possible?

robowarp at gmx.de robowarp at gmx.de
Thu Aug 28 07:48:21 GMT 2003

Hi Sambatistas,
I have running Samba 3 Rc2 cvs as Pdc
which is now really working fine.
I was able to setup login script generation on the fly
with root preexec enabled in the netlogon share.
So i have now have scripts 
for machines %m.bat i.e. win2k.bat
for groups     %G.bat i.e  users.bat
for user         %U.bat i.e. testuser.bat
created in the netlogon share after login.
now i want to combinate this logon scripts
my question is ,can i do something like 
netlogon script = %u.bat ; %G.bat ; %m.bat
i played a little bit with this and read the faqs it looks like 
its not possible to combinate.Can anyone veryfi  this?
I seéms to me that there is an default login.bat
needed which 
checks user group machine and overtake this parameters to execute the 
related batch files in windows at logon time.
Does anyone has such kind of script?
Best Regards 

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