[Samba] RE: PDC + LDAP + W2K-SP4 Domain logon

bjorn.padding at ifsaudiovisueel.nl bjorn.padding at ifsaudiovisueel.nl
Wed Aug 27 11:47:22 GMT 2003

Thanks for you reply dkrnic...

Anyway... I found the problem. (but NO SOLUTION!!)

Just to summarize...
I had a win2k sp2 machine at home and win2k sp4 machines
on my work. I was unable to login my samba-pdc (v3 rc2) with
the workstations @ work, but I was able to connect from my win2k sp2 
machine at home through a VPN connection.

I now took that machine (w2k sp2 -machine from home) to my office to
test if it would also work on the network instead of a vpn connection.
and... it didn't, it gave the same error as the other machines.

In tcpdump I saw the DNS query from _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.<MYDOMAIN>.
This annoyed me, because my workstation from home on VPN didn't do this.

Then I came up with the plan to disable my DNS-server in my 
network-settings on my w2k-machines. Then I tried to log on to the 
domain and.... voila... it worked. When I enable the DNS-server again in 
my configuration I can't login to the domain anymore. 

I read some things about Native and Mixed -mode w2k's. I believe this is 
the whole problem. W2k's are in Native mode looking for Active Directory 
and Samba obviously... not... since it can't.

Anybody knows how I can change this behaviour of w2k towards my PDC?



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> Thanks for your reply, but I am _SURE_ that it's 
> nothing to do with my configuration, but with the 
> Windows-2000 SP3.

I'm not so sure. Don't blame M$ too soon. Your use of
LDAP or how you use it may be the problem.

> Since this Services Pack, Windows 2000 looks for an 
> active directory. Again, I tried from 2 machines now 
> with Windows 2000 SP2 and everything works just 
> fine. As soon as I apply Service Pack 3, the error:

I'm not sure it does, probably not. Do other posters
complain about PDC+LDAP+W2K-SP3-4? You can't be the 
1st one with the problem. I don't use LDAP. SPs never 
affected my clients, 2, 3, 4.

> The only way I know how to solve it now is to 
> reinstall all my workstations with a clean win2k 
> install and stop upgrading till service pack 2, but 
> ofcourse I do not really prefer this...

Better analyze the login transactions for both SPs 
in a higher level log to be a bit more sure what is
going on.

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