[Samba] admin user ?

ipguy ipguy at optushome.com.au
Wed Aug 27 10:59:01 GMT 2003

hi all

if i use the "admin user" option in smb.conf to allow users in 
"BLAH+admins" from a NT4 PDC group, and try to browse a share with 
permissions of "rwxrwx--- users BLAH+othergroup" i'm not allowed to 
browse the share.

it looks straight forward, if the users in the "BLAH+admins" group are 
not part of the "BLAH+othergroup", access to the "BLAH+othergroup" is 
not allowed.

unfortunately that kind of defeats the purpose of having a "admin users" 
option in smb.conf.

how do you guys get around this ?

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