[Samba] Re: Dual Samba with two nmbds

tarjei at tarjei.mail.nu.no tarjei at tarjei.mail.nu.no
Tue Aug 26 19:39:36 GMT 2003

Hi, please keep things on the lists :-)

> Sorry for my direct email, however I have tried this for over a week with
> out any success :-(. I used of course the 'interfaces' directive as well as
> 'bind interfaces only = yes'. This is working for the smbd file but not for
> the nmbd.

This is toolitle information for me to say anything. Would you mind posting 
the output of your ifconfig command, smb.conf files, what versions of samba 
you're running and what you want to accomplish?


> I wonder how were you able to accomplish this, or is this requires a
> modification to the Samba code (unique to SAMBA-TNG).
> Your help is much appreciated,

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